Ping Lu

Hi, thanks for stopping by ☀ I am a designer who specializes in mobile and web UI/UX design. Driven by passion, I have been engaged in the design industry for nearly three years.

I studied multimedia design in 2013 and focused on animation, the editing/production of digital video. After graduating from university in 2017, I started my career as a visual designer. At that time, I worked closely with marketing and engineering team. I was in charge of creating visuals for online marketing and advertising campaigns. I practiced mobile and web UI/UX design.

In 2018, I started the transition to be a UI/UX designer. I had the opportunity to identify design problems through clients, ideate with the team on design concepts, and iterate with requirements. 11 months after investing time and effort in learning. I moved from UI/UX to product design.

Continual on-the-job learning in 2019. I believe that design is associated with technology. So, it is essential to learn new things and make the design more effective. I enjoy learning new skills and invest in some self-initiated works. Always keep creating new things! Keep myself updated!