Education Platform

An online education platform which aims to deliver an immersive language program. To help learners to build bilingual language ability.

The new age of online education platform

I had the pleasure of designing the app. So far the app has many video content and features still developing. The team brought many creative solutions to the table, ensuring the app was not just educational but as fun and engaging as possible for learners.

The product features such as speech recognition, scene recognition, user interest profile, and recommendation system.

My job was to bring the whole idea to the app. Design and ideas should feel natural and work together to make the experience as understandable as possible.

Making a joyful website

For the website, the brand also needed to perceive as bright and joyful. The company aimed to create a fun educational experience. I explored colors and shapes to support the content. Using shape is for drawing attention to the features' mockups. And it makes an overview of the section more appealing.