Enterprise Software

It is built to help sales reps to get the contact data. It provides millions of emails, phone numbers, titles, and accounts. And you can integrate all data to web app or other sales tools.

Determining visual concept

The values for this company is data science. I wanted to create a website that mirrors all these values through an interactive web experience.

Technology is all about innovation and energy. Going with that central idea, I explored irregular shapes as a recurring theme for the design.

To present stability, intelligence, and growth voice, which would use blue and brand green.

Before and after

The landing pages are built for specific business purposes. It should get more users and encourage them to take an action.

The old landing page uses the 4 images to represent the 4 features. However, content can always simplify. Break up long content with visual changes to explain the important elements.

Web app: Dashboard

This was a complex project that required a combination of using Fusion chart. I built a high-fidelity interactive prototype by using Fusion chart, JavaScript, and CSS. It made me concentrate on the functions of the product rather than the chart style. I had a realistic sense of what I was doing and think of the user flow.

Badges design

I also got to a bit on animation projects, which was my favorite part of my job. I had fun with diverse projects. It was a valuable challenge to understand how to communicate visual ideas.

Design system

I started the project by designing products and extending the system. My process included:

Chrome extension

This is the primary product and the goal was to provide more data of prospects. I redesigned an extension that would respond to the needs of users.